What are Asian Fit Sunglasses?

Asian fit, also known as low bridge fit, refers to a specialized design in sunglasses, crafted to accommodate individuals with low nose bridges and high cheekbones. 
While initially coined to cater to wearers of East Asian descent, the practical benefits of Asian fit sunglasses extend beyond ethnicity. The design principles behind Asian fit eyewear acknowledge the diversity in facial structures among individuals of various backgrounds. Consequently, these sunglasses have gained popularity among people with different face shapes, as they provide a solution to challenges associated with nose bridge height and cheekbone prominence.

Who should wear Asian fit sunglasses?

Anyone with a low nose bridge and high cheekbones can wear Asian fit sunglasses. If frames slide down your nose or you need a narrow nose bridge, Asian fit spectacles or sunglasses are a good option for comfort.

Asian Fit Sunglasses may incorporate all or just some of these design considerations. 
  • Narrower Nose Bridge: Asian fit sunglasses feature a narrower nose bridge compared to standard fit, acknowledging the lower nose bridges commonly found in individuals of East Asian descent.

  • Enlarged Nose Pads: The nose pads are often enlarged or heightened to provide additional support and prevent the sunglasses from slipping down the nose, addressing a common issue faced by wearers with low nose bridges.

  • Decreased Frame Curvature: The frame curvature is adjusted to decrease the likelihood of the sunglasses making contact with the cheeks, ensuring a more comfortable fit for individuals with higher cheekbones.

  • Increased Temple Curvature: Asian fit sunglasses often incorporate increased temple curvature to better contour the head, offering a secure fit without exerting excessive pressure on the sides of the face.

  • Shorter Lens Heights: To accommodate the unique facial features of those with high cheekbones, Asian fit sunglasses often have shorter lens heights, preventing interference with the cheek area and enhancing overall comfort.

  • Reduced Pantoscopic Angle: The pantoscopic angle, which refers to the tilt of the lenses, is often reduced in Asian fit sunglasses. This modification contributes to a better alignment with the wearer's facial anatomy, reducing discomfort and preventing the frame from sliding down.The goal of these modifications is to prevent discomfort often experienced by individuals with East Asian facial structures when wearing standard-fit sunglasses, allowing them to enjoy eye protection without constant adjustments or irritation.  


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