Moreau Paris history began in Paris in 1882. Martin-Guillaume Biennais, a revolutionary cabinetmaker and official supplier of Emperor Napoleon I, affirmed his expertise within the exclusive circle of luxury leather goods manufacturers. At a later stage, the artisans took over his cabinet and established the Maison, giving it the roots to grow into the luxury powerhouse it is today.

Moreau’s flagship store was then opened on 49 rue Saint-Honoré, becoming an international hub for the modern jetsetters. The Maison combined tradition and innovation to cultivate its own authentic style, crafting an inimitable collection of bags and luggage.

Maison Moreau authenticity is the result of exceptional French know-how, both in the manufacturing process and in the selection of the materials used. By paying homage to French heritage, Maison Moreau designs timeless selections that are functional, light, elegant and customisable for everyday use.

The iconic pattern of Maison Moreau is inspired by the intertwining of wicker stems, which formed the structure of different travel goods in the late 19th century. This unique signature print is reimagined on calf leather with a traditional printing technique that uses a semi-manual paint application, creating vibrant and deep colours.


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