Cristina Junquero

Cristina Junquero


Rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Andalusian jewelry, Cristina Junquero presents a new and innovative approach to adornment, blending deeply religious symbolism with a touch of humor. Having grown up surrounded by the traditional craftsmanship of her mother's small jewelry shop in Chipiona, Cadiz, Cristina's childhood ignited a creative spark that led her to reimagine jewelry with a daring and rebellious flair.

At the heart of her brand is a strong connection to her roots, paying homage to her grandfather's legacy by infusing each piece with symbolic significance. With a fresh perspective and a desire to break away from convention, Cristina's designs are an artistic rupture in the world of jewelry, where sacred and playful elements coexist in harmony.

From her workshop in Barcelona, Cristina personally oversees every stage of production, embracing local craftsmanship to ensure uncompromising quality and attention to detail. She meticulously hand-models each piece in wax before casting them in 18kt gold, silver, or brass.

One of her unique approaches lies in using brass, which she lovingly bathes in 18kt gold, resurrecting the sacred metal to reclaim the tradition of her roots. This fusion of materials results in a mesmerizing collection that captures the essence of both the past and the present, forging a new path for contemporary jewelry enthusiasts.

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