The Row - Which MARGAUX is the best for you?


The Row's Margaux bag has become the epitomy of understated luxury since it's introduction in 2018 proving to be an enduring, and emerging heirloom of fashion. The Margaux's slouchy silhouette is instantly recognizable, eschewing flashy logos for a refined aesthetic.

Its allure is heightened by an expanding constellation of celebrity fans, including the likes of Kendall Jenner, Zoë Kravitz, Rosé, Elle Fanning, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Jennifer Lawrence, among others.

With a majority of online, international retailers selling out of the fashion house's pieces by the hour, CULTSTATUS proves to be a hidden gem providing the newest carry-over and seasonal pieces to our tight-knit community. 

Whether you're looking to start, or build on, your The Row collection or are in search of a new everyday, day-to-night, or travel bag, the Margaux ticks all the boxes -- capacious, slouchy, effortless and timeless carryall that seamlessly combines fashion with functionality.


The Margaux collection offers a range of sizes to suit your needs–  7.5, 10, 12, 15, and 17, each corresponding to its width in inches. With a structured base to prevent unwanted smooshing and an open top for easy access to your belongings, the Margaux bags are designed for both style and convenience. Also including elements such as pockets, belted gusset, and an interior toggle closure.

In a nod to practicality, newer versions of the Margaux, including the ones we have, come with a canvas (cotton) lining, often referred to as the 'soft Margaux,'. This not only adds a touch of lightness compared to suede but also simplifies upkeep. 

Each size offers an array of leathers tending to, but not limited to, pebbled calfskin which lends to a more casual look, and saddle leather, for those in search of an elegant day-to-night option albeit more delicate. In typical The Row fashion, these variations are presented in an array of neutrals and muted colours that vary with the season.

Lets get into sizing...

15 38.2(W) x 27(H) x 23(D)cm

The Soft Margaux 15, Grained, Dark Taupe (S)

12 30.5(W) x 22(H) x 19.05(D)cm

The Soft Margaux 12, Saddle, Cuir (G)

10 25.4(W) x 17.8(H) x 19.05(D)cm

The Soft Margaux 10, Grained, Taupe (S)

Sizes available as of January 2024.


         Rhiean is 160cm tall

The Margaux 15 is arguably the most iconic of the sizes, responsible for drawing widespread attention to the style. Perfect for those looking for a travel, work, or daily oversized, slouchy bag. Designed solely with a top handle, this piece can be worn handheld, over the shoulder, or in a clutch-style.



 The 15 can fit a 13 inch macbook, long wallet, water bottle, and sunglasses with lots of room to spare for makeup bags, phone chargers, spare change of clothes and headphones.With its open toggle closure top and deep base, you have the flexibility to adjust and accommodate more or less within the bag.  Before even considering its internal zip AND open compartment pockets


Internal view of YSL Monogram Bill Pouch, Macbook Air, YSL sunglass case, and 480ml water bottle - Still lots of room left!

The Margaux 12 is the newest addition to the family, perfect for those who find the 15 a bit too big, and the 10 too small. 

This option proves to be one of the most versatile as it has a detachable, non-adjustable strap which the 15 lacks whilst possessing the internal pockets and spacious interor. 



 (Left to Right) 12 in cognac, 15 in black



The images above show that the Kobo reader (144.6 x 161.6 x 9 mm), 480ml water bottle, YSL sunglass case and YSL monogram bill pouch fit in both the 12 and 10, with leftover capacity in the 12. The 12 can also fit any device smaller than 12 inches across. 

The Margaux 10 is the smallest (as the 7.5 has not been produced in 3 years). Despite its compact appearance, it fits all the essentials, seen above. Featuring the same long strap as the 12, it's an easy to grab, hands-free option, running no risk of over-packing. Although, it doen't have the internal zipped pocket like its siblings.


(Left to Right) 12 in cognac, 10 in taupe



Which size is the best for you?

Please contact our clientele team if you have any further questions.


 (Left to Right) 15, 12, 10