Bottega Veneta - Bag sizes

A quick visual guide to compare sizes of the most popular Bottega Veneta bags.



First up, the new Chain Pouch.  The construction of this bag  differs from the Pouch as it has a covered magnetic frame. The Pouch has a hinged frame design opening.  The Pouch is wider and deeper than the Chain Pouch.

The Chain on the Chain Pouch cannot be removed, the chain can be detached on one side but it is fixed on the other end.

Pictured below: the Chain Pouch in fondente and the Pouch in cammello.


The POUCH and The POUCH 20

Only the Pouch 20 (the smaller one) comes with the leather strap. The strap is just knotted into the  leather loop so it can be adjusted by knotting as required as well as being removed so it can be used as a clutch. The Pouch 20 will fit a mobile photo on the base of the bag plus the essentials such as a compact wallet and keys. It will not fit a long wallet.  



The Padded Cassette is padded so it is bigger in width and depth than the regular Cassette.  Volume wise this is little difference as the sizing increase is mostly external. The strap is also different as the padded Cassette features the BV signature Triangle logo for a buckle detail.  



The Jodie is substantially bigger than the Mini Jodie. It is also bigger than The Pouch as can be seen on last image.