Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags - sizes and hardware

The Balenciaga "First" debuted 19 years ago and became one of the mid-’00s most defining accessories. Since then the "Motorcyle" / "Arena" / "Lariat" family has changed, expanded and has released dozens of seasonal and classic iterations but somehow its reputation has lasted. 

The Balenciaga Motorcycle appreciated for its light weight vintage crafted leather and its lack of heavy branding. Like a great leather jacket, it’s fashioned to take a beating, and it looks just as stellar when it has been well used. It has stood the test of time.

The bag was made to last for decades... and it has.  Instantly recognisable, it still enjoys cult status. 

The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag looks great worn because it is, in fact, designed to be worn.  Created for wear and tear, it was designed for the practical woman who doesn't want to be precious with her bag, who doesn't need a logo and who know that if she pulls it out 20 years later it will look just as timeless. 






Hip: 14H x 20W x 4D cm
Mini city: 16H x 25W x 10D cm
Small City:  21H x 30W x 10D cm
Classic City: 25H x 38W x 13D cm
Town: 24H x 34W x 8D cm
Velo: 28H x 34W x17D cm
Part Time:  23H x 43W x 18D cm
Day: 35H x 36W x 12D cm

Work: 30H x 45W x19D cm
Weekender: 38H x 50W 22D cm



This bag also comes in three different types of leather including lamb, goat and calf. They are distinguished by the texture and coating. The lamb skin is the crinkled glossy leather. Goat skin is the premium leather that is very sturdy and more structured. And the calf skin can be a croc embossed, pebbled, grain or smooth finish.



Hardware on these bags come in either regular hardware or G12 studs. Both the regular hardware and G12 are available in brass, gold, pale gold or silver. There were also options in the past with G21 size studs.


The regular hardware bags (any colour hardware) all come with long tassles for the zip closures. The outline hardware bags have a short tassel on the zip and the bags with G12 studs have a leather pull tab on the zip.



Mini City bag can fit a full size wallet and an iPhone 6 plus.

Small City can fit an iPad, full size wallet and other essentials.